Monday, January 31, 2011

Pre- Fall 2011

I am absolutely in love with almost every pre-fall collection and cannot wait for the runways to fill up with more beautiful pieces. But of course there are favorites))... Chloe!!!! I feel like Lauren Hutton could wear the whole collection, and I almost see Audrey Hepburn walking down Fifth Avenue in Celine... Oh, and I want every piece! Here are some of my choices...




Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some of my favorites fromParis Couture Week...

I am so excited for the beginning of this season!!! The whirlwind is beginning and looks very promising. While I loved almost everything, I did have to make some choices, and while I am at it here are some of my thoughts... While Valentino completely stunned me with their creations, Chanel on the other hand, looked more like a Ready-To-Wear collection to me. Of course I have to agree that the workmanship is superb I did miss the usual fiasco of lace dresses. But here some of my favorites from the week. Write to you soon!!!))